Our Story
After losing their parents, two brothers endure the collapse of modern society when the power grid goes down.

Writer/Director Samuel Jacob has created a story in the spirit of "The Thin Red Line", and "The Road", that takes us on a journey through loss, love, and legacy.

In their new world, devoid of civility, the ensuing chaos creates difficult circumstances that they must navigate in order to survive, Hardland.


The Story Behind Our Project
From the Creator/Director Samuel Jacob-

I wrote this story and wanted to make this film for myself and God. I desire films that make you feel something deep inside and move you in some way or another. In writing Hardland, I wanted to see how this conflict would make these characters react and respond in the midst of hardships. As a self discovery and awareness film, I think it will cause one to examine what they would do, and how they would react in this scenario, and under the duress our characters are facing.

I chose the setting to be in rural Kentucky because I felt these characters could be close to their roots, and could easily get back to living off the land. Our story of a global power failure has an affect on everyone, and their choices can demonstrate where their true allegiances and hearts lie. Hardland is about choices, facing our fears, and finding hope.

I don't believe in making a movie just to make one. There has to be a compelling reason for me or I'm not interested.


When the grid goes down...

When that suns magnetic poles flip, like they do every 11 years, it causes a solar event throughout the entire system. This time on May 16th, 2014 a particular ferocious and massive solar flare will hit earth and take out the entire electrical grid.

Here is what one writer of an article recently wrote on this subject "The loss of our power grid will not put us back to the pioneers - it may well put us back to the Middle Ages or earlier, but without the survival skills the peasants had back then."



It becomes immediately clear in our story that the whole society and laws have broken down and it is every man for himself in order to survive.

Liam and Mel are faced with hard choices and challenges when their family is murdered. They must over come their fears on the run from the very same people who took everything from them. During the chaotic struggles to survive Liam becomes mistaken for someone believed to have taken the lives of the family of our third character named Praver. He is a proud father and husband who loses everything in much the same manner as Liam. One day while Liam is gathering supplies and searching for gas their paths cross and once again each must make difficult choices in Hardland.


National Preparedness Month

Besides this being a dramatic and engaging Motion-Picture, it also brings up a good point on being prepared if the power goes off for a days or the water service. What to do if you can't access a grocery store or local services for a few days?

September is the month to look into these things for your family and those you care about. Here is a link.



Samuel Jacob - Writer/Director
Jon Pauling - Executive Producer
William Hermanson - Executive Producer
Elizabeth Pauling - Producer

Lead Actors

Steven Cox - Liam
Benjamin Pauling - Mel
Mukesh Patel - Praver

Where we are?
We are currently half way through principal photography.

How and where are we filming?
We are filming with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera in the raw format, using 2x anamorphic lens for the highest and best resolution. Our locations are in Northern California.


Our needs for remaining production budget 

Principal photography, equipment rental and other production costs $14,500


Post Production with includes editing, sound design, and coloring $9,500


How you can help 

We are asking your financial help to bring this important, exciting, and dramatic Motion-Picture to the world. The story and the message that Hardland tells is about what is most important in life. The possibility of this type of event occurring is real and this story could help prepare us. At a minimum it could get us to think about what to do if it did. 

As you probably know already, but we must say again is that, if we don't reach our goal we will receive nothing, and our hearts and others will certainly break, so please help us reach our goal and bring Hardland and it's truth's forward.


We have a bunch of great rewards for backing our project. One in particular is at the $150 level that you would also gift a member of the military over seas the same by backing us at that level. They deserve our best and you can help.


To help and support the project, go to the official website here:  www.hardlandmovie.com