“We should always learn from others! Life always teaches us something! Sharing is the key!”
— Jorge De Silva


Jorge De Silva is a Photographer & Filmmaker born on the 5th of November 1985 in Portugal, but currently living in the French part of Switzerland. Jorge discovered his passion for images around the age of 14, playing with old film and video cameras, making small short-movies for fun with friends. At the age of 17, Jorge left school to pursue his dream. He soon got a job at a production company (Produtiv@) with strong ties to the Portuguese national television (RTP). After a couple of years working in the broadcast industry (channel 6) as a video editor and 2nd camera man, he started to do post-production work on documentaries, short films and other media. Some of the projects included the award winning "Ainda Há Pastores?", "Sonho de Verão", and "A Day's Work". Jorge is a passionate guy and dedicates himself fully into any project he gets involved with. He considers himself a technology geek when it comes to film equipment. He's the guy to have around when there's a lot of equipment to take manage or if there's a problem to be fixed. Jorge is currently involved in several Swiss and international projects with various production companies and directors, such as "Tschäggätä" (Melina Costas) and "South of Hope Street" (Jane Spencer).