"I passed an amazing Photoshoot day with Jorge, because of his kindness, his professionalism, and his Talent! A photographer that is always full of ideas crazier than the the others before. It was a pleasure to be her model! (Thanks again BTW)"

Sarah Hauck


"The Photoshoots are made with good humor!  Excellent photographer with a distinctive talent!"

Sandra Dos Santos


"A photographer that you can share your ideas without any embarrassment!
He make Us feel super comfortable. I Discover a new Photographer and a new friend too! =)"

Vânia Ribeiro


"Jorge is an outstanding photographer and he makes a person feel comfortable in no time! I highly recommend him! :)"

Jéssica Ricardo


"Very professional work and we feel always comfortable ! He has the ability to make everything artistic and special and he also makes you feel confident! :)"

Alicia Feruglio


"Simply a beautiful person.. I had so much pleasure to do this shooting with Jorge.. So professional and the result was perfect.. Thank you! :)"

Emilie Scoca


"I love what you do and I'm eager to see even more ... You're great! Never change!"

Anne-Sophie Mennesson


"What to say... , A great professional and a great human being in a single person! Continue with that humbleness, dedication and joy! :)"

Alexandra Duarte


"Jorge is a super professional photographer, full of life and who knows through his sense of humor to put people comfortable. Stay as you are!"

Bénédicte Franchi